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Here are few questions asked by ONGC in INTERVIEW

Why should we hire you?
1.I will help you to achieve companies aspirations,goals,.And make my best effort to sail the company through this,to the best of my knowledge,.
2. I have leadership skills,. Pressure management skill,.
3. I have positive attitude,and learning nature,.

4. I am honest person

1. Details of the Project/Dissertation submitted at Graduate/Post Graduate LevelMy Project was based on Batch distillation. It was modified by adding reflux to it. I used ethanol­-water mixture as feed. I used partial condenser where partially condensed liquid sent back through reflux and remaining vapours sent to another pot where it condensed using cold water stream. I have seen there was an increase in ethanol concentration due to reflux.

2.Scholastic Achievements
  1. Recipient of Merit Cum Means scholarship awarded by the State Government/UT Administration.
  2. Received an amount of Rs.50000 for the excellent in KIITJEE from State government.
  3. Recipient of Certificate of Merit by IGCAR and IIChE ­ Kalpakkam Regional Centre
3. Hobby
Football, video gaming and cooking.

4. Why do you wish to join ONGC?
As ONGC is the Maharatna company, which caters the energy demand of the country & provide wide range of opportunity to serve the nation.
The opportunity provided by ONGC will help me as an individual to develop personally as well as professionally. I am confident that I will do justice to my role provided in company.

5.Write your Strengths & Weaknesses
I am goal oriented person and always ready to take calculated Risk*. Believe in myself*.
During my first year I found difficulties to deal with English language and teaching methodologies. Due to my relentless effort and motivation I was able to master the subjects while simultaneously gaining proficiency in English language as well.

Calculated Risk: I always do cost benefits analysis before taking any decision.
Believe in myself: In my final year of graduation i was placed but in spite of that i decided to go for GATE preparation & i prepared & scored. Now i am here in interview.

I believe in working towards perfection which requires in details. Sometimes this leads to more time consumption.

6.Extra curricular activity
Participated in Radio controlled car racing competition in Shaastra 2014. (Shaatra is the technical festival of IIT Madras with the footfall of more than 50k people)
Shortlisted for top 30 entries in Photography Contest Saarang 2014.(Saarang is cultural festival of IIT Madras with the footfall of more than 100k people)

7.Tell me about yourself:
Myself Nitesh Patel and a chemical engineer undergraduate from KIIT. Basically am from Delhi. I did my schooling at D P S School and my intermediate at Bazi Rao college. We are six members in my family. My Brother is working at Ministry of Indian Railway and Mother is house maker.
My hobby is Cooking and interest in playing football.

8.Short and long terms Goals:
In my initial phase of service i will try to enhance my skills & knowledge.
With respect to time i will be getting more responsible position in the company to meet the goals & target of the company.

9.Tell me something about our company:
ONGC is Maharatna company of india. which was founded on 14 August 1956 by government of India. Headquarter is located at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It is one of the fortune 500 companies. Presently CMD of ONGC is Mr. Shashi Shanker.
It is India's largest oil and gas exploration and production company. It produces around 77% of India's crude oil and around 62% of its natural gas.
Its international subsidiary ONGC Videsh currently has 38 oil & Gas projects in 17 countries. It has currently three plants as Dahej Plant Gujarat, Uran Plant mumbai, Hazira Plant Surat.

10.How many countries ONGC operating:
ONGC operating in 18 countries. INDIA, Vietnam,Russia, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Myanmar, Syria, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mozambique, Bangladesh and New Zealand.

11. ONGC Directors ( Valid till March 2020, check it for future date, this can be change with time)
Who is current CMD/Director + Technology & Field services Director: 
Mr Shashi Shanker
Who is Current Director(Onshore):
Mr Sanjay Kumar MoitraWho is Current Director( Offshore):Mr Rajesh KakkaWho is Current Director (Human Resource):Dr Alka MittalWho is Current Director( Exploration):Mr. Rajesh Kumar Srivstwa
Who is Current Director(Finance):
Mr Subhash Kumar

12.ONGC Assets:
Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar Asset, Assam, Bassein & Satellite, Cambay Asset, Cauvery, CBM Asset, Eastern Offshore, Jorhet Asset, Mehsana, Mumbai High, Neelam & Heera, Rajahmundry, Tripura.

13.ONGC Plants:
Dahej Plant Gujarat, Uran Plant mumbai, Hazira Plant Surat.

14.ONGC Basins:
Silchar, Assam & Assam Arakan, Cauvery, Frontier, Krishna Godavari, MBA, western offshore, western onshore.

15.ONGC Joint Ventures:
ONGC Tripura Power Company ONGC Petro additions limited

16.ONGC Subsidiaries:
ONGC Videsh limited MRPL

17.Financial details 
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18.Major Products:
Crude Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, Naphtha, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Superior Kerosene Oil.

19.We are looking for a long term fit at ONGC. Where do you see yourself five years from now:
As a fresher, I am assuming my first five years will be a huge learning curve. I want to absorb much of the industry knowledge and also to sharpen my technical abilities. In next five years I see myself playing various roles in the team from a fresher to leading a team.

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21.Can you work under pressure:
Yes, I would like to work under pressure. It's like an opportunity to prove myself.

22.Are you willing to relocate or travel:
I would like to relocate for the benefit of my company as it would gain me new experiences and i would be pleased to work in a different environment and culture.

23.What are your goals:
I make multiple short term goals because I believe in short term goal and put my all the efforts to achieve them. In my initial phase of service i will try to enhance my skills & knowledge. With respect to time i will be getting more responsible position in the company to meet the goals & target of the company.

24.What makes you angry:
I get angry especially when somebody speaks about me on my back.

25.How long would you expect to work for us if hired:
There are three facts in my consideration. Growth, knowledge and satisfaction. If there is a growth in my position with increasing in my knowledge which make me satisfied I will not leave my company. Beside as long as my company wants my skills for its growth.

26.What are your career options right now:
As a fresher, I would like to get an opportunity to join your company and improve my skills.

27.Have you considered starting your own business:
Yes, I want to start my business. But not now because as a fresher I have only theoretical knowledge. According to me, a successful business man should have practical, theoretical and market knowledge.

28.Minister portfolio of india (Check all these things, this can be change time to time)
Prime minister: 
Shri Narendra Modi
Petroleum and Natural Gas, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship: Dharmendra Pradhan 
Home Affairs: Amit Shah
External Affairs: Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
Railways, Coal: Piyush Goyal
Road Transport and Highways: Nitin Jairam Gadkari
Defence: Rajnath Singh
Human Resource Development: 
Women and Child Development:
Finance Minister: