Harshad Sardar, a Technology Professional for 7+ years, is Founder and CTO at totalreflux, a high end Technology Training company. He is an Expert in Linux and SAN and adjudged as Best Trainer, Instructor and Mentor by many Technology Professionals in India and Abroad. Earlier, he has worked in key technical roles at Cisco Systems and Wipro Technologies (Product Engineering Group) as well as given consultancies to other technology centric companies like IBM, Brocade, Quantum, etc. In his career so far, he has worked on Operating System kernel for high end SMP and NUMA platforms, iSCSI protocol stack development and Fiber channel switch software development for data-storage protocols.
He has also spearheaded and contributed significantly towards Linux open source community projects, particularly Linux-iSCSI open source device driver development. He has designed and delivered a series of high end courses on Linux Internals, SCSI Internals, Data Storage and Virtualization for Professionals and Architects. He has been a member of SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) forum, and has delivered many lectures to industry professionals as part of SNIA India Chapter.
Key Focus areas of Manish for Training and Competency development programs:
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN) 
  • SCSI Internals, Fiber Channel & iSCSI Protocol
  • I/O Subsystem in Linux Kernel
  • Linux Kernel Programming, Linux Device Drivers
  • Linux-Unix Internals / Systems Programming
  • Linux Network Programming
  • Multi-threaded Architecture & Programming
  • Linux Kernel & Application Debugging
  • Linux/Unix Essentials (Ubuntu / Redhat), Shell Programming
  • Advanced C, GDB, Data-structures, OS Fundamentals
  • High Availability – Multi-pathing, Clusters, RAID, Volume Managers
About Totalreflux

Totalreflux was formed in Bangalore in 2013 to provide Chemical Engineering Studies materials and questions. It is a Complete Site for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Chemical Engineering Questions and solutions (1990-2020) , Quiz, Professional Engineering (PE) and Job Interview technical questions and Videos in different domains of chemical engineering.
Gate questions and answers (from as early as 1990 till 2020) are given here.  Subjectwise Gate questions and solutions have also been compiled to aid in learning each specific subject.
Multiple-choice questions of varying difficulties are given under each subject section.  These quizzes may be used while studying each subject.
We have added two new sections to the website- Equation bank and Videos (UTube) with Youtube links. These sections are at their initial stages of development and we expect that these sections will mature to a reasonable level soon.
I hope you will benefit from this endeavour. If you find any mistake in solutions or scope of improvement of the website, please write to me. Thanks and best wishes.
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